Our Partners

Box Of Charleston proudly supports our local partners. Our partners were specifically chosen to be a part of our box because of their quality as well as being locally made here in the low country. As they pride themselves on their product, we share their pride in offering our boxes to you. Although we share a portion of what they offer, be sure to check out their websites for even more items that they offer!


Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts—”The South’s Favorite Snack!”

The #1 brand of boiled peanuts in the world, and for good reason. Peanut Patch Boiled Peanuts has been boiling and canning our homegrown green peanuts for generations. All of their peanuts come from South Carolina either from their own farm, located right next to their canning operation, or from other local South Carolina farms.

Our mission: Create simple, unique, delicious, healthful food.

Holy Smoke Smoked Olive Oil, is a food-lover's dream. A rich, buttery extra virgin olive oil with a pepper finish that has a savory smoke that ties it all together. Their slogan is “It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!"

Small Batch. Hand Milled. Home Grown. 

Authenticity is a hallmark of Geechie Boy products. Heirloom corn is used in the antique gristmills, which preserve the natural oils and flavors of the corn resulting in the most flavorful grits.

Botany Bay Sea Salt 

From the sea and sun of the South Carolina Lowcountry comes Botany Bay Sea Salt, bringing out the flavor of SC's native produce, seafood and meats.




Red Clay Hot Sauce

The only hot sauce born in southern bourbon barrels and cold-pressed to retain subtle and firm flavors. Every cold-pressed (never cooked or heated) bottle contains The Taste of The South. Share with a friend, but please don’t steal it.


Charleston Specialty Foods 

Charleston Specialty Foods has evolved to meet the needs of Charleston food lovers by offering a wide range of specialty goods from some of the best local brands. With a dedication to high-quality products and ingredients, Charleston Specialty Foods offers a variety of food options that reflect the tastes of the Lowcountry.